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Mary Shea is an expert in thoughtful luxury, highly personalized travel, and uniquely, transformative experiences to savor forever. An insatiably curious explorer and true global citizen, Mary has lived in New York, Boston, California, the Veneto, studied in Germany, and now lives in Tuscany.

This immersive experience of the world informs everything she does. Whether it’s a month tucked into the most sublime hillside villa in Tuscany or a multi-generational family adventure to Australia, Mary infuses every step of your journey with her personal touch and la dolce vita flair.  

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Where Curation meets Curiosity

Mary Shea defines her approach to travel design as one where curation meets curiosity. What does this really mean?

Well... transformative travel is about having your curiosities about the world—does the azure water in Capri really shimmer like that? Are Ireland’s golf courses as breath-taking as they seem?—indulged in a best-of-the-best way. That’s exactly what Mary does. Her meticulously curated trips indulge all your curiosities about people, places, tastes, and culture through distilling down the best of the bunch and personalizing those experiences to you.

Designing a trip with Mary means getting to know one another and building a relationship rooted in trust and shared tastes. Plus, you’ll receive all the benefits—upgrades, behind-the-scenes tours, special access to world wonders—of Mary’s collaboration with luxury partners like Virtuoso and the Departure Lounge.

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Mary designed the perfect milestone birthday adventure to Tuscany for my partner and me. There couldn’t be a better ‘home-base’ than staying in a 15th century villa on a stunning winery: sitting by the fire, savoring the vineyard views with charcuterie and a bottle of Chianti Classico; a day packed with just the right amount of wine tastings and then a dinner with the butcher Dario Cecchini, seeing the countryside flicker by on our way to bask in the immaculate Renaissance city of Firenze. Mary thought of both the big picture “Must see’s” and all the tiny details that make a trip unique, special, and truly one of a kind.


Within the world of expert-designed travel, relationships mean everything. Mary Shea’s partnerships with the Departure Lounge and Virtuoso and her extensive VIP partner network are grounded in mutual admiration and an obsession with quality. The benefits attached to these special relationships are endless. 

Access to the most luxurious, unique properties and experiences in the world 

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affiliates & partners