Mary Shea’s travel design philosophy centers on curating deeply custom journeys for curious travelers. It’s all about finding the particular thread that connects a person with a place or property. This means getting to know the client—their tastes and preferences, whether it’s a martini or gin and tonic at five p.m., linen or silk, Matisse or Monet, the mountains or the coast, wellness or wine (or both!).  

Turning the trip of your dreams into reality

At first, a virtual conversation over a cappuccino or glass of red. What does your lifestyle look like? Espresso or americano? Is it the beach you’re craving or the dry sands of the desert? A week or a month? Traveling with kids or seeking an adults-only experience? These questions will distil down your why? Where? And when?

Next up, a proposed itinerary based on the first conversation. This is where we get into the nuts and bolts of your trip design and custom experiences to come. This chat is collaborative in nature, going through the itinerary and ensuring that every detail meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.  

Mary prepares a finalized itinerary for you, the client, to approve. Once approved, the ball starts rolling. Mary will book everything and leverage her relationships on the ground to maximize your trip experience and build in bespoke touches. All you need to do is pack! 

Once your trip is in full swing, you can breathe easily knowing Mary is behind the scenes ensuring a seamless experience. Should you need any assistance or advice while away—a doctor, a change in plan, the best spot for a manicure in Florence, etc.—Mary and an on-site expert are fully available to troubleshoot.  

For Mary, building a lasting relationship with clients is paramount. It’s so important to check in and see how clients responded to the trip. What did you love? Was three days enough in Paris? How was the experience with the private chef? Did the journey exceed your expectations? This conversation will help further pinpoint your tastes and desires for future trips and experiences.  

Mary Shea-designed trips are one-off’s, personalized individually for each client. There is, therefore, a planning fee associated with her design process and customized trip proposals. Fees vary depending on the complexity of the trip.

A client of Mary’s is ideally a client for life. To fully immerse in the experience of the place you’re visiting, Mary will share her personal little black book of addresses, restaurants, cafes, and stellar shopping to help you bypass the mainstream and find the hidden gems nestled in every location. 


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